The Planning Of Music Festivals
TASK: Today you have to research festival planning.

1st: Pick out a topic (see right), find other students with the same interest.

2nd: Scan the text, extract the important points.

3rd: Present it to your fellow students in 1-2 minutes. ("We can learn out of this ...")
ALTERNATIVE: 'Disasters'
You concentrate on the mistakes one can make: Here are
10 mistakes you can make planning on a music festival.

You might like to learn from festival disasters like
Fyre's or worse: Woodstock '99 (12 min video 'Why the festival was such a trainwreck' and read the articles '10 things we learned...' and 'I was at Woodstock 99...'.

Isle of Wight and Woodstock 1969 festivals see
Of course you are free to browse the Web and find more sites. If you are more interested into other kind of festivals, e. g. the Carnival of Venice or Brazilian Carnival you may use them as long as you can give tips to your fellow students about planning and organising it.

time: 2 hours
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