Explore The Isle of Wight Festival
TASK: Today you have to research historic festival(s).

1st: Please read the questions.

2nd: Watch the documentary and if you want, research additional sources.

3rd: Summarise under the aspect that you want to realise your own festival. What can you learn?
Questions on the BBC documentary: The Isle of Wight Festival at 50 (2018)* Homepage festival incl. part of BBC video

1. Why was it called the 'Woodstock of Europe'?
[You might need to research on Woodstock 1969 on the internet.]
2. Why was Bob Dylan ‘like hitting the lottery’ in 1969?
3. Why was it a high financial risk to start again in 2002? (the same as 1968)?     
[hint: The organiser said: …’being on an island you had to have somebody pretty massive to draw the people across the water.’]

4. Why did the festival stop in 1970? (for a 32-year break);
[hint: see right]

5. How did it work out financially?
[and Woodstock?]

6. How many visitors did it have and nowadays has? 

7. Explain the meaning of the quotes:
a) “Today artists have the festival on their bucket list.”
b) “It is an iconic brand.”
festival for a start:

The audience at the Isle of Wight wanted a 'free festival' like Woodstock, tearing down fences. Organisers were furious on stage: “We put this festival on for you bastards, with a lot of love. We worked for one year for you pigs. Now you wanna break our walls and you wanna destroy it? Well you go to hell!”
* The video was recently deleted, unfortunately. I can't upload as Vimeos algorithm prevents it, but I have the video which for teaching reasons we could upload someplace else (if password-protected).

time: 2 hours
Copyright: Bild CC0/pub: my photo