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Today's job: Write a page of a newspaper or magazine! 

Well folks, something different today. Your task is to do research for an article in a newspaper, magazine or blog.

Decide on the sort of news you are looking for: Business, Sports, International Affairs, Culture, Music, Politics, Film, Technology or other.

Then see what's new by having a look at different sources:  smiley reading

Reuters (see "News")   Yahoo Daily News   BBC News   CNN  

TIME magazine   The Sun     DailyMail    Google News USA  

Google News Canada  Google News Australia  

More magazines and newspapers 

About Germany: The Local    Der Spiegel International  

Denmark: The Local (for other countries change to  .se, .at, .it, .ch)

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Extra task "Fake News":

a) Why news are distorted you can watch on TED/ALisa Miller

b) More than distorted could mean "fake news". Do a research on cases where fake news were influential.

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Task 1: Decide on a topic and concentrate on finding answers to the w-questions (what, where, when, why, who).

The basic idea is to write newspaper articles for your classmates as readers. They should be able to understand it, so you should shorten, simplify and rewrite real articles and write at least one in your own words and maybe add some vocabulary explanations (in English, of course ...). Your other "articles" can be summarised real articles of the above sources.

You can invent news, funny fake news if you like.

Create a name for your newspaper/magazine and put it on top. Insert a date, the weather forecast, short news that refer to other pages like "see p. 5". Insert pictures with captions as well as copyright signs. Add your name as writer "by Your Name".

Tip: Use a table with transparent lines in 'Microsoft Word' or other software for getting columns like a real newspaper/magazine.

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Task 2: Next week I would like you to improve your article: Read the articles out to each other, try to improve them (vocabulary, sentence structure, etc.). Make sure it's a decent and serious one (quality paper!).  

After you've improved your articles to a serious one that could be publicized in a traditional newspaper or magazine, rewrite that article or material to transform it into an SENSATIONAL article which might appear in THE SUN or another tabloid!

PS: Why are some newspapers called "gutter press"?

picture: CC0/Markus Spitzke