Write a page of a newspaper or magazine!
TASK: Well folks, something different today. Your task is to do research for an article in a magazine or blog. Decide on the sort of news you are looking for: Business, Sports, Health, Music, Technology or other. Concentrate on the w-questions (what, where, when, why, who).

The basic idea is to write an article for your classmates. So you should pick out something interesting or surprising, shorten, simplify and rewrite the real article in your own words; maybe add vocabulary explanations.
Alternative: A short presentation with a Smartboard or PowerPoint (max. 2 slides).

You can invent funny fake news if you like. Or quiz questions.
General Information
Google News: USA CAN AU
Time magazine (USA)
BBC - good Reel (video) section
The Local
Reuters (see 'News')
Health topics
BBC see also 'Reel' - 'Science'
Healthline about multiple illnesses
Newsweek health section
National Geographic visit 'science'
CNN health section

2nd week/Follow-up: Improve your article: Read the articles out to each other, try to improve them together (vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar etc.)

For fast students:
- Do a research on cases where
fake news were influential.
- Why are some newspapers called 'gutter press'?
- If you like you can choose as a topic the history of two popular holidays below:

Valentine's Day
Please research its origin and traditions!
 You could start here:

Research its origins
and traditions/festivities.

time: 2 hours
Copyrights: image: CC0