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TASK: Read at least one article and watch at least two of the videos (external links below). Answer the questions:

1st: How did The Beatles shape the 60s, a whole generation and the 'USA'?

2nd: Describe Beatlemania!

3rd: How were the political and social situations in the 1960s?

4th: Does any band or artist of today has a similar influence or media attention?

In the mid-1960s English beat groups conquered America musically. They were so very successful, British music was becoming an industry. This movement was called the British Invasion. One group stood out, though, The Beatles. About 75 million people - the general population was around 192 million! - watched the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show on 7 Feb. 1964. This did start a craziness for The Beatles, called Beatlemania. During the 1960s pop music - led by The Beatles - shaped a generation, influenced politics and culture, eventually changing more in society than probably any artist or band
sign The British Invasion
after them. Below you will find selected articles and videos on that.

  • Beatlemania UK: The Beatles Welcome Home to England (1964), British Pathé 6 min (you can skip the 2-minute interview in the middle)
  • Beatlemania AUS: EMI Music Australia: The Beatles - 1964 Australian Tour Highlights Reel 5 min
  • Beatlemania USA: Interviews with teenagers; CBSN – A taste of Beatlemania in the 1960s 3 min

With background information about the influence on the culture of United States of America:
Looking Back, Beatles Take US by Storm – VOA News 2014 5 min

For an overview of their famous songs, watch the 8-minutes video 'The History of The Beatles' of

If you want to hear more screams, here you can see parts of the The Beatles at Shea Stadium, New York, at the world’s first rock concert in a stadium:
restored quality 6 min / shorter 2 min
Biograhical information about the band's history on
ALLMusic (extensive article).

The Guardian/Observer: Beatlemania: 'The Screamers' and Other Tales of Fandom

History.com: Beatlemania Sweeps the United States – 50 years ago

Paul McCartney with J. Corden in Carpool Karaoke, Liverpool,
23 min

If you were in Liverpool you could visit the Beatles Story
Museum. Highly recommended!

Business today of the Beatles: Fifty Years Later, the Business of the Beatles Keeps Booming.
3 min
band logo THE BEATLES

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